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Proudly Designed and Made in Barcelona!


AD Fetish was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain by the same creators of •ES• Collection and Addicted.

After •ES•Collection was established in 2006, Addicted followed several years later in 2009 and it was only logical that AD Fetish as the naughty young brother, followed in 2017 after its two older gay brothers proved their successes in the gay fashion world.

Now, AD Fetish too is a worldwide known gay male fashion brand.

The AD Fetish brand was also launched with the objective to provide you, our customers, with a great variety of fetish fashion products to choose among. They are great for you to explore and enjoy your nasty side!

We offer a great variety of underwear, casual and sports clothing, but also great accessories to bring your games to the next level: we also specialize in harnesses, cockrings and other great complements.

Discover and explore our hotest designs and find the next sexy piece you will wear next time the temperature arises!

The AD Fetish brand goes even much further, it will even give you suggestions on new styles, helping your fetish fantasy to go to a next level, one that you might not have expected you would dare to go. ADFetish has exciting wear that not only makes you feel hot and horny, it creates so much extra confidence, whether you’re that dominant master or into a submissive position; any role play with appropriate wear can be found here.

We at AD Fetish don't create for a stereo type gay man for this simply doesn't exist: we proudly design for the LGBTIQ+ community in it's broadest meaning and for any kind of subculture. No matter what your preference or (secret) desire might be, we have the perfect fetish wear for men, whether it’s bondage, male BDSM, leather fetish, rubber fetish, foot fetish, fetishbb or any other gay fetish, we have just the item for your fetish life.

Wear your men’s sportswear, men’s swimwear, men’s underwear (even men's long underwear, men’s thong, crotchless or bottomless) or any of our luxury fetish wear whenever and wherever you want and impress those there with you.

We simply create the most comfortable fetish wear for you.

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