At AD Fetish we love all our customers wherever they are from, and that is why we ship to all the corners of the planet, to be able to reach you wherever you are!

As a special service, we offer all orders over €100 with free shipping! No matter where it has to be sent to!

And because we know that you wish to receive our shopping as soon as possible, we process orders the same day (or the next business day, in cases of holidays or weekends). This way, we manage to deliver the order within 2-3 working days in almost all cases. Our apologies if for some reason beyond our control your parcel is a bit delayed, usually it never happens!

As we are experts in fashion and not in transport, we thought it would be appropriate to delegate this task to the best logistics professionals. Our carriers are world renowned companies such as UPS, MRW and FedEx.


Our usual delivery platform for Europe (not including Spain) and the rest of the world is UPS, one of the most internationally recognized logistics companies.

Once you have placed your order and the payment has been confirmed, we will proceed with your shipment. The estimated delivery time is 2 to 3 working days after the package has left our warehouse. You will receive an email with a reference number that you can use on the UPS website to track the status of your shipment throughout the transport and delivery process. Your privacy is important to us, which is why we always ship orders in discreet packaging provided by UPS.

UPS and AD Fetish also offer you the UPS Access Point service, which will allow you (only if the service is available in your country) instead of receiving the package at home, to choose an Access Point (which basically is a local store that you have nearby) to receive it. No more waiting at home or failed deliveries! This service is currently offered in: France, Germany, United States, Switzerland, Canada, Austria, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Mexico, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland...

We also work with FedEx on some specific occasions for our shipments to Europe (not including Spain) and the rest of the world. It is one of the most recognized and valued logistics companies internationally, for its professionalism and experience.

Once we have managed and sent your order, we will send you a link with which you can check where it is at all times!

Delivery times are the same as the rest of our carriers, you will receive the order at your home within 2-3 business days from when we process the order (the same day or the next business day if it is a holiday or weekend) . The packaging is completely discreet and in no way makes any external reference to what it contains.

Our delivery platform for orders in Spain is MRW.

Once you have confirmed your order and the payment has been verified, we will proceed to send it. The approximate date for receipt varies between 2 and 3 business days after the package has left our warehouse.

In addition, you will receive an email that will allow you to access the MRW website to track the order live. Also, in your account you will find a link to follow up in case you have not received the email for any reason.

We care about your privacy, so we always send orders in a discreet packaging provided by MRW, which does not make external references to its content.




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